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Updated: Apr 6, 2019

We are all conditioned to believe we can successfully hide. We are skilled at hiding. We hide what we do, how we feel, and how we really look. Many people have actually trained themselves to hide or concealing things. The fact that we have a tendency to hide things is actually tragic (as I will point out) and the belief that we can make things disappear by hiding them is a fallacy. In fact, this type of behavior or lifestyle is unhealthy.

1. The behavior of hiding or concealing is tragic, because it points to an experienced trauma that has not yet been healed.

There is a reason why we get a thrill when playing “hide and seek.” To me it looks like this tendency is connected to the remnant of a traumatic memory. I believe it reflects the trauma of what happened with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They disobeyed God’s law, hid themselves from Him, were confronted with their transgressions, and were subsequently cast out by angels. They lost their home and serene environment due to their actions.

Therefore, perhaps the tendency to frequently hide or repeatedly play games in which hiding or concealing is practiced, is a way of reliving this trauma in the hope of healing the soul on an emotional level. In this way, the energy connected to that trauma is triggered again by role playing, with the hope of resolving the trauma-energy trapped in the subconscious.

All Biblical scholars will agree that one of Jesus’ important messages was to live in the light and not in darkness; not to hide yourself or to be false but rather to be open and transparent.

Anyone in law enforcement will argue that if you are not guilty, you would not hide the facts or lie when questioned.

Thus, for a number of reasons, it is safe to say that there is something wrong when one constantly tries to hide or conceal things or feel the need to lie. “Mr. Hide” is actually a dangerous personality. Adam and Eve, in the act of hiding from God, were filled with intense fear, guilt and shame. These emotions are acknowledged by experts today as the root of all negative feelings. Moreover, these negative emotions are effective relationship killers. According to the narrative in Genesis it resulted in the first big fight between Adam and Eve. Fear, guilt and shame have the potential to destroy your relationship too and thus should be addressed and dealt with in counselling or therapy.

2. The notion that one can successfully hide things is a fallacy.

Interestingly, we have been forced to acknowledge this truth today because of rapid technological developments. Individuals, who many years ago did bad things and afterwards thought they were successful in concealing or hiding it, are now confronted with evidence of their wrongdoing because of modern technology. They are, to their big surprise, facing prosecution after many years of believing they were 'in the clear'.

There is a correlation between this modern phenomenon and the Biblical narrative of a future judgment day of the world. The fact that individuals still seem to believe that it is possible to transgress and get away with it is solely based on social experience. In other words, it is a false deduction based on our relationships with people in this life on earth. It does not take into account the Biblical truth that all men are blinded by sin and impaired. But this is not true of God, for God is light. And everything in the universe exists in His light and is therefore seen by Him. (That is also the reason why we are not to take revenge ourselves; it is the task of the Righteous Judge).

Get where this is going? It means that no sin is ever committed in darkness or in secrecy. It only feels like it because sinners are blind. To take the fallen and injurious nature of sinners as a foundation for our beliefs on any topic is a big mistake. Rather, make yourself aware of the fact that God is watching and that He sees everything.

Indeed, there is NO PLACE TO HIDE.

In the words of the song “Your love has found us:

"Where can we run, where can we hide,

is there a place that we can go, where You cannot find us

You’re there in the fall, there when we rise

nothing is hidden from Your face

You know every breath, we, take.”

Undeniably, the awareness that God sees everything is a real sin killer. Imagine all of heaven looking on the next time you are contemplating a morally dubious action. This awareness will kill any excitement the initial secrecy created. It dampens the high we may feel when we sin.

Imagine Adam and Eve's loss of energy or desire to sin as they stood before God, hearing the words: What have you done? Certainly, this was not the same way they felt a few moments prior to that, when they were actually considering the temptation, was it?

Resolving trauma and healing the soul is not achieved by learning to hide in the darkness, but by coming out into the light.

You can come out now. We've seen you already.


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