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Friedhelm Le Roux (B Theol.; Hons- BA; HOD) is a pastoral therapist, academically qualified up to honours level in theology, education as well as psychology and has vast experience as a pastor, lecturer and counsellor.


Legally qualified and registered as a marriage officer with Home Affairs.


Available for religious as well as non-religious ceremonies, formal or more private, small or large weddings.


Personalised wedding ceremonies, with regard to content and length, according to your own need.

Ceremonies in Afrikaans, English, or German or in combination to accommodate all your guests.


Also available for alternative settings i.e.:


1) The legal part of the ceremony only where the couple's own choice conducting (the rest) of the service.

2) Weddings without legalities i.e. in cases where couples are already legally married.

There is a need for counsellors qualified in theology as well as in psychology. This combination, however, has become a scarcity in S.A. because universities do not train "pastoral psychologists" any more. It is either theology or psychology, arguing that the Bible is not a handbook for relationships or marriage. This leaves a gap many Christians regret. Why not only training in psychology?  It is because a psychological approach is humanistic in nature. The critical question always is: "What do you want? What is best for you?" This does not acknowledge the existence, authority or will of God. Psychology does not include a study of a spirit (God) or any faith issues. For most Christians though having a Christian as their counsellor is important, for they do not want to go against their faith. Furthermore, they believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and they find solace in prayer. Thus they want a counsellor that respects the Bible and demonstrates a fear of God.          
This situation also created a misconception amongst Christians and churchgoers. Many believe that marital problems should be addressed and solved by a spiritual leader.  Although marriage problem may affect us spiritually and impact on our relationship with God, it is in essence not a spiritual problem but a relationship problem. Spiritual leaders are in most cases not trained to handle complicated relationship issues. 

It is wonderful that in most cases (spiritual) counselling by a church leader is for free. When the problem persists though it is wise to consult an expert even if you have to pay a small amount for the service. Surely your marriage is more important than many other things we spent time and money on. Please find someone who can help you through relationship crises. 

Friedhelm is a German born political refugee and a naturalised S.A. citizen. His biological father died in a motorcycle accident and his mother and two other siblings fled and escaped miraculously from communist East-Germany (1962). Alma Eva Knoll then married an S.A. pastor (Dr. James Le Roux) and the family came to S.A. They settled in Parow. Another two children were born out of this marriage. In 1976 Friedhelm married Rene (Lubbe) and they themselves have two sons, both married. 


Friedhelm matriculated at Tygerberg High School (1970) and did his military training in the Navy (1971) before studying theology for the ministry. He was the pastor of two congregations Uitenhage (for 9 years) and then Parow (15 years). Part time he occupied the posts of lecture (different subjects and also at different colleges), was a lecturer in Pastoral Theology at the University of Zululand, taught Afrikaans for immigrants and also served as a teacher for High School pupils (Uitenhage as well as Despatch). In 2000 he left the full time ministry and became a pastoral counsellor/therapist while taking a part time job as music director of a Pentecostal church in Parow.


He wrote a few books “TheHealing of the Soul” (Handbook for Counsellors); “More than 800 Praise & Worship Songs” (for use in the congregation); and “Purpose Driven Preaching: A purpose versus a subject approach.


Since his retirement of all church activities in 2019, he has focussed on weddings and marriage counselling.  

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