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Updated: Aug 6, 2019

There are three online services available. They are:

1) Marriage Courses (See SERVICE page).

2) Weekly personal contact regarding counselling issues (See Marriage Courses).

3) A once off assistant with the interpretation of dreams or advice.

The function to post a comment is currently disabled. However for a small fee I will give advice or comment on your E-mail request. The procedure is as follows:

1. State briefly what your problem is. Just enough information so that I can figure out what your question is.

2. The proper interpretation of your dreams is also part of my online service.

3. I will reply with a short list of questions I want you to answer.

4. A small fee will be set and banking details will be provided.

5. After payment has been received I will send you an E-mail with a proper commentary.

NB. This cannot substitute a proper counselling session but it is for some people convenient. (This online service is free for clients who are still in ongoing therapy).

Be Blessed.



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